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Fall 2016 Course Summary


The one sentence course summaries on this page are intended for initial guidance into the topics of seminars only. Students are expected to read the full course descriptions before applying for courses. Please click on the name of the course for a link to the full description.

For an explanation of Fourth Hour, please look here. Fourth Hours almost all meet Monday or Wednesday, 12.30-1.45.

There may be instances where information here doesn’t match or contradicts information on SIS. If so, SIS is always correct. Please report any errors you find on this page here.

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USNA 211 Einstein, Space and Time Jeff Kriessler MW 12.45-2.00 Explore the profound changes in our conception of space and time brought about by Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity.
USNA 226 Evolution of Human Behavior Marianne Reeves TuTh 8.30-9.45 Review the history of evolutionary theories of mind and behavior, as well as current ideas about the ecological and genetic components of behavior.
USNA 249 Restoring the Great Lakes: Opportunities and Challenges Glenn Odenbrett TuTh 4.30-5.45 Focus on the issues and methods of restoring the Great Lakes, with particular emphasis on public action and decision-making processes.
USNA 262 How I Learned to Love the Bomb Amy Absher MW 9.00-10.15 Understand the work of the scientists who developed the atomic bomb, as well as their motivations, travails, internal conflicts, and the ramifications of their achievement.
USNA 287G Genes, Genomes and Society Helen Salz TuTh 1.00-2.15
Explore the science behind the news and discuss the philosophical, ethical and societal concerns raised by advances such as GM crops, genetic testing, personalized medicine, and issues of genetic privacy.
USNA 287H Plants in Medicine Erika Olbricht MWF 10.35-11.25 Investigate how plants are used medicinally through time, and come to understand the cultures that used them and how they conceived of health in relationship to nature
USNA 287P Women and Science: Changing Paradigms Barbara Burgess-Van Aken MW 4.00-5.15 Examine the scientific evidence that has supported assumptions about gender in various philosophical paradigms from the Enlightenment philosophy to the postmodernist era.
USNA 287T Conflicts and Controversies in American Science and Technology Peter Shulman TuTh 1:15-2:30 Explore how changes in science and technology affect American life, and how cultural ideas shape scientific practice.
USNA 288I Beyond Silicon Valley Michael Goldberg TuTh 11.30-12.45
Explore how communities around the world support entrepreneurship, and learn about the rapidly developing field of online learning and MOOCs.
USNA 288J Sustainable Energy: Resources, Technologies and Impact Alexis Abramson TuTh 11.30-12.15 Evaluate, from a scientific, mathematical and societal perspective, the trade-offs and uncertainties of various energy systems and assess possible solutions.
USNA 288K Burn, Baby, Burn! David Schiraldi MW 9.00-10.15 Investigate exactly what happens when materials burn, read about the history of fire and society.
USNA 288L Future Energy: @home&abroad Daniel Scherson See Main Entry Investigate means of meeting our energy requirements without jeopardizing the environment or fostering geopolitical conflicts.
USNA 288M Spirits and Synapses Michael Decker TuTh 10:00-11:15 Explore how a basic understanding of neurophysiology helps us understand sleep and its importance for health.
 USSO 203 Law in Literature Laura Tartakoff TuTh 10.00-11.15 Focus on law in literature by examining representations of the legal process in poems, plays, short stories, and novels.
USSO 285I Spectacle in American Culture Bernie Jim MWF 9.30-10.20 Understand the power of remarkable visual experiences to awe, entertain, persuade, and create meaning from the colonial period to the present day.
USSO 285N Globalization and American Culture William Marling TuTh 2.45-4.00 This course investigates the role of the US in globalization – Americanization, the resistance of local cultures and the role of American technologies in spreading culturally specific ways of working and behavior
USSO 286E Global Tourism Narcisz Fejes TuTh 10.00-11.15 Gain insight to the motivations of tourists, the inhabitants of the places being visited, and international organizations as well as governments who oversee this industry.
USSO 286L Exploring Non Profit Organizations Barbara Clemenson TuTh 8.30-9.45 This seminar enlightens students concerning the opportunities and challenges faced by non-profit organizations.
USSO 286V-100 Management of chronic disease Amy Zhang MW 12.45-2.00 This course covers substance-based, mind-body, spiritual and social approaches used to manage chronic diseases and promote wellness in various cultural settings.
USSO 286V-101 Management of chronic disease Amy Zhang MW 2.15-3.30 This course covers substance-based, mind-body, spiritual and social approaches used to manage chronic diseases and promote wellness in various cultural settings.
USSO 287E Economic, Industrial and Social Trends for the 21st Century Joao Maia TuTh 11.30-12.45 Develop an educated argument as to whether the US will continue in its prominent leadership role, or whether one or both of the emerging Asian economic powerhouses will become dominant.
USSO 288Y-100 The Secret History of Corporate America Ted Steinberg MW 12.30-1.45 The corporation is the most powerful economic institution of our time. How did it come to reign, and how does its power affect us economically, politically, and socially?
USSO 288Y-101 The Secret History of Corporate America Ted Steinberg MW 9.00-10.15 The corporation is the most powerful economic institution of our time. How did it come to reign, and how does its power affect us economically, politically, and socially?
USSO 289C Ethics for the Real World Susan Case TuTh 10.00-11.15 Explore sources of personal values and standards of behavior using moral conversations, leading to developing an ethical code to guide decision-making in difficult contexts.
USSO 289K Stuggles for Justice in Complex Globalizing Environments Paul Hanson TuTh 10.00-11.15 This course looks at globalization and justice in two sites – Madagascar and Cleveland, both places in which the professor has done research.
USSO 290I Understanding Patient Behavior Erin Lavik TuTh 2.45-4.00 Using a mix of first-hand accounts and scholarly secondary sources, we will investigate the factors that influence patient psychology and their implications for designing effective, patient-centered treatments.
USSO 290L The Big Story of Small Things Gillian Weiss TuTh 1.15-2.30 Look at ordinary people, prosaic objects, mundane places, single incidents and fleeting moments, and the ways we might interpret micro cases to make sense of macro developments in our world
USSO 290M The Effects of Race, Class and Education: A Dialogue on Current Issues Benjamin Sperry MW 3.20-4.35 Examine the impact of race, class and educational levels in determining how people fare in society, hold workshops and teleconferences with students incarcerated at Lorain Correctional Institution.  
USSO 290N Perspectives on Dying and Death: Normalizing the Inevitable Maryjo Prince-Paul TuTh 1.15-2.30 Review the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, ethical, and economic perspectives of dying in America to create thoughtful and reflective dialogue about dying and death.
USSO 290P Is the Audience Listening?: The Ethos of Experiencing Live Music Christopher Bagan TuTh 4.30-5.45 Make sense of the complex phenomenon of experiencing live music by incorporating perspectives drawn from scholarship, the media and personal experience. 
USSY 249 Paris: From Revolution to Globalization Miriam Levin MW 3.20-4.35 Explore the history of Paris as it became the center of French national life, international culture and politics in the 19th century.
USSY 250 Medical Narrative Athena Vrettos TuTh 11.30-12.45 This course examines the narrative conventions that have been used to understand and communicate the experience of illness.
USSY 287X Paris in the Arts Annie Pecastaings MW 9.00-10.15 Paris has been a favorite subject for visual artists and writers alike. This course explores the broader relationship between art, the city, and the plight of modern man.
USSY 288Y Investigating Crime Films Terri Mester TuTh 2.45-4.00 By identifying, collecting, analyzing and interpreting evidence, we’ll investigate what makes the crime genre so enduring.
USSY 289A Do We Have Free Will? William Deal MW 12.30-1.45 Use classic and contemporary texts, taken from multiple cultural traditions, to explore the problem of free will and related issues of body/mind dualism and personal identity.
USSY 289Y Reading and Writing Biography Brad Ricca TuTh 10.00-11.15 Study important and contemporary biographies, and learn how researchers build a narrative that tells a story of a life in a way that engages with important issues of self, audience, and the location of truth.
USSY 290N Django Chained Amy Absher MW 3.00-4.15 Join the historical narrative with the science fiction narratives of Octavia Butler to arrive at a deeper understanding of the human experience of subjugation and oppression.
USSY 290Q Great Nineteenth Century Novels William


MWF 11.30-12.20 Read novels by Balzac, Flaubert, Turgenev, and Tolstoy in modern translations, taking our time with them.
USSY 290U Poetry for People who Hate Poetry David Lucas TuTh 1.15-2.30 What can our individual attitudes about poetry reveal about what and whom we value on a cultural scale?
USSY 291P Social Justice Literature Kaysha Corinealdi MW 2.00-3.15 Use selections of poetry, short stories and books by winners of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards as a framework to discuss diversity, social justice and identity.
USSY 291Q PR, Spin and Inventing Reality William Doll MW 4.00-5.15 Explore the origins and uses of P.R. today in business, politics, and popular culture to shape our values, democracy and even the ways we view reality. 
USSY 291R The Roles of Acquisition Noelle Giuffrida Armhold MWF 11.30-12.20 Examine the development of museum collections of Asian materials, consider the complex motives museums have had for acquiring them.
USSY 291S Control Shift: Making Meaning Across Media Allison Schifani MW 12.30-1.45 Explore the ways in which communication media (from painting, to print volumes, to websites, to mobile applications) impact, shape, change, and encourage or prohibit certain ways of knowing about the world.
USSY 291T Demystifying the Guerrilla Fighter Kaysha Corinealdi MW 5.00-6.15 Examine some of our assumptions regarding what it means to be a guerrilla fighter, and investigate what this understanding can do for us as we tackle questions of change and possibility.
USSY 291U Live Rust: The Industrial Midwest in Art and Culture David Lucas TuTh 4.30-5.45 Seek to understand the socioeconomic conditions from which the Rust Belt rose, fell, and address the history of the region and present efforts to remake it.


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