At times, individuals or groups suggest ideas for Capstones. Below are recent suggestions and the contact person(s):

Community Outreach

The Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, CCEL, (368-6960) helps students design Capstones with a community-based focus or a community service component. A CCEL staff member can serve as a Capstone Mentor and provide assistance with the selection, development, and implementation of the Capstone Project. Students are encouraged to consult with Assistant Director Elizabeth Banks, early in the process, preferably during the semester prior to enrollment in the Capstone itself.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The museum welcomes Case Western Reserve University students doing Capstone projects tied to the CMNH. Most of the curators hold adjunct positions at Case and may be qualified to serve as mentors.

The Farm Food Program

The FFP offers many opportunities for individual undergraduate research.
Potential research topics include:

• Determining the effectiveness of biological controls in indoor food production
• Studying high tunnel food production methods
• Studying indoor mushroom production
• Exploring various markets and methods for produce sales
• Studying apiculture
• Exploring maple syrup production and how to extract it using renewable resources
• Using alternative energies in food production
• Exploring methods to exclude weeds, pests and diseases in outdoor food production
• Integrating the topic of sustainable food production into existing curriculum
• Creating a new course of study about sustainable agriculture

Please contact Co-ordinator Farm Food Program, Ryan Bennett for more details.