For official SAGES Capstone course listings, please refer to the Registrar’s Searchable Schedule of Classes (which lists courses being offered in each semester), the General Bulletin (which may not be as current as the listings on this web page) or contact individual departments which may be offering a course of interest to you.

Capstone Courses that are scheduled to run in a given semester are available on the Registrar’s Searchable Schedule of Classes. To identify SAGES Capstone courses offered in a particular semester, set the COURSE LIST search criteria at the bottom of the search page to SAGES SENIOR CAP.

Another option for completing a SAGES Capstone for some students is UCAP395, a university-wide Capstone course available to students who prefer to pursue a Capstone experience outside the constraints of approved departmental courses. See the web page for more details about this option, including special opportunities available through the Case Center for Civic Engagement and Learning.