The Course Sequence

fountain_0The SAGES program consists of:

One First Seminar was taken in the first semester of a student’s first year. Students could choose from around eighty courses. All First Seminars were designed to introduce students to CWRU and to provide writing instruction. This Seminar also included the Fourth Hour, an opportunity to explore some of Cleveland’s scientific and cultural institutions.

Two University Seminars, which ideally will be completed by the end of a student’s second year. These are small classes with an intensive writing requirement. There are well over a hundred courses offered over the academic year, all designed and taught by experts on the subjects, which can range from fuel cells to fly fishing, Gothic literature to the business aspects of professional sports. Not every course is available every year.

The courses fall into three different thematic areas:

The Natural or Technological World (First Seminars with course codes starting FSNA, University Seminars starting USNA)

The Social World (FSSO and USSO)

The Symbolic World (FSSY and USSY)

See here for more detail on the thematic categories.

When those three seminars are completed, students must submit a Writing Portfolio of work from those classes. This is a requirement for graduation.

In a student’s third year, they take one Departmental Seminar, in which they take the writing and critical thinking skills they have learned and bring them to bear on a topic that is related to their major.

In a student’s senior year, the culmination of the SAGES program is the Capstone, a semester-long project ending in a public presentation.

For more information on a specific component, please click on the relevant link.

First Seminar

University Seminars

Writing Portfolio

Departmental Seminar


To learn about the faculty, please consult the Faculty Directory.

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